Inspirational Art – 09

“Inspirational Art” is a weekly series featuring some of my favorite pieces from various artists. Enjoy them, learn from them, feel from them. If you would like to submit a piece for consideration, please use the form on the contact page and I will be happy to talk with you.

Rosie and Me, by Taryn
Drawing of a girl with a cat on her back
You can find Taryn’s work on Etsy, or you can follow her on Twitter @taryndraws.

Party Moon, by Lucy Corrina
Drawing of the moon, opened up with buildings inside
You can follow Lucy on Instagram @lucycorrina and you can find her full portfolio on her website.

Untitled, by MT.Mela
White fluffy bird sitting on a branch
You can find Mt. Mela’s portfolio on Tumblr.

Stone Troll, by Juan Acosta
An illustration of a stone troll in a forest
You can support Juan Acosta on Patreon and follow him on Twitter @Warhuan.

Shattered Dream, by Tae ’95
Person falling into water while losing pieces of themselves
You can follow Tae ’95 on Twitter @Ichikasylvette.

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Joshua C. Forrest is an American composer and native Mississippian. His primary goals in writing are to illuminate the truth and to encourage people to consider weightier matters of depth and meaning.

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