Inspirational Art 10

“Inspirational Art” is a series featuring some of my favorite pieces from various artists. Enjoy them, learn from them, feel from them. If you would like to submit a piece for consideration, please use the form on the contact page and I will be happy to talk with you.

Fly Free, by Junabjuan
Girl reaching up toward a bird in a cage
You can follow Juanbjuan on Twitter @juanbjuan.

Elderly (Sketch), by Prakash Thombre
Sketch of an old man with a beard
You can follow Prakash Thombre on Twitter @widemediaguy or on Instagram @i_design_experiences.

Untitled, by Jake Bartok
Sketch of a female archer in a green hood
You can follow Jake Bartok and find more of his work on Twitter or Instagram”.

Dogs and Owners #1 – Artern Design
A woman sitting on a park bench with her dog
You can follow Artern Design on both Twitter and Dribble.

Toss, by Kelly Glass
Mostly blue personified shape
Piece inspired by @StudioTeaBreak‘s Shape of the Day. You can follow Kelly Glass on Twitter @kellymglass.

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Joshua C. Forrest is an American composer and native Mississippian. His primary goals in writing are to illuminate the truth and to encourage people to consider weightier matters of depth and meaning.

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