Patreon Launch and Twitter Party

Pssst… Everyone who attends the Twitter party will get an early FREE download link to my new instrumental EP “Lanterns”, so read until the end for more info on that!

As announced on Twitter, my Patreon is now live!

If you enjoy the content I put out and want to give me some financial support, you are welcome to do so through Patreon. I don’t get paid to write blog posts, do interviews, or feature other people’s content right now – this is just what I enjoy doing.

All Patreon donors get access to “behind the scenes” information on my creative projects (blogging/music/writing/etc.), and depending on your level of donation there may be extra gifts involved as well!

For more information, check out my Patreon here!

Now, in celebration of the Patreon launch and in keeping with what I’m doing on this blog, I’m taking the opportunity to throw a Twitter party on March 31st at 7pm U.S. CST. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you are a Patreon donor or not.

In fact, I really encourage everyone to come, because this Patreon party will be different than most.

It may be the Patreon launch party, but it won’t be about the Patreon.

Instead, I’m going to be featuring three fantastic writers and their work, and they’ll each be doing a short AMA during the hour-long Twitter party.

So, if you want to support people and their art, I encourage you to follow them on Twitter, read up on them, check out their work if you can, and bring at least one question for them to the party. You can read a brief bio of each of the writers and find links to their Twitter accounts and blogs below, but first, keep reading for instructions on how to join the Twitter party.

Now, TO JOIN THE TWITTER PARTY (this is important), you need to use #JCFPatreon in all of your tweets during the party, and you’ll want to click on/search the hashtag to engage in the stream. Make sure to use the hashtag or your tweet won’t be seen by the writers or fellow party-goers (because we’ll be watching the stream for that hashtag particularly during the party).

And again, everyone who attends the Twitter party will get an early free download link for my new three-song instrumental EP “Lanterns”, which will be fully released a week later in April.

All of that being said, keep an eye on my Twitter account for more updates! I’ll be putting out consistent updates and reminders over the next few weeks. And connect with these writers! They have some great stuff going for them, and they are well-worth getting to know.

Joshua C. Forrest

Aimee Meester
Aimee is a writer and storyteller of all things bizarre and sci-fi, from steampunk alt-histories to hard sci-fi retellings of the Iliad. An education centered around classic literature and healthy doses of old Star Trek episodes has left her passionate about wordplay and spaceships, philosophy and entertainment, and the importance of choosing to make good art rather than push agendas. She believes in rooting for the heroes and the power of good espresso. Her current fiction podcast BRIGHT EYES is her first collaborative project, an audio drama about conspiracies and the struggles of being a teenager as well as a sci-fi thriller. She can be found in the cornfields of the midwest, napping with her cat and watching movies about sad people who choose to do heroic things.
Caroline Meek
Caroline Meek is the author of THE DRAWING IN OF BREATH and co-founder of PROJECT. She has a passion for bringing writers together and is currently studying English & Creative Writing and Media Entrepreneurship at the University of Iowa. Her work has been previously published in The Kansas City Star, Wordsmith, and Page & Spine. When she’s not writing or reading, Caroline plays for the University of Iowa’s Ultimate Frisbee club team and alternates between swing dancing and yoga. Look for her on her blog, Of Stars and Ink-Stained Things, or in your local coffeeshop, wearing flannel and drinking coffee with too much sugar.

Carly Racklin
Carly Racklin writes speculative stories that peer into the visceral, the melancholy, the deep and dimly lit corners of people’s hearts, and tempers them with wit, whimsy, and warmth. She refuses to shy away from writing what some would consider “too dark,” because she knows that’s where light shines brightest. Outside of writing, she adores birds and media of the horror persuasion, along with video games, illustration, and knitting. Sometimes she dabbles in music and voice-acting. Her favorite birds are vultures, which she thinks more people should appreciate, for the same reason she tells such gloomy tales--she believes that just because something is morbid, or a bit unsightly, doesn’t mean it’s bad, or unworthy of love.


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