There are ideas that, when we come face to face with them, scare us.

For me, as a Christian, some philosophical statements used to be that way. Logically valid statements that seemed to disprove the existence of God, or hard questions like, “Why would a good God make a world where evil happens?”

Those are heavy questions. And there are lots of others that you’ve probably run into more often.

“Is he (or she) the right person for me to be with?”

“Is what I’m doing with my life valuable?”

“Is what I think or believe true?”

Those are hard, scary questions. And there are lots more of them.

But you know the interesting thing about scary questions?

It’s not the question that scares us.

It’s what the answer could be.

What if God doesn’t exist?
What if that logical argument is right?
What if my boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t right for me?
What if I’m not doing anything worth doing in my life?

In my experience, we often shut off when those kinds of questions are asked, or we get defensive. We fight back with whatever we “know”, or we shut down and avoid the problem.

We avoid what the answer “might” be, contenting ourselves to live lives where we don’t have to worry about the problems until they are upon us or past us.

And that is’t healthy. For any of us.

Because when we don’t face the hard questions, the possible answers we don’t want to hear, we cut ourselves off from the truth. We aren’t being honest with ourselves.

The reality is that there is doubt about what we believe somewhere in our hearts and minds.

And what we need to accept is that that’s okay.

And if you need to tell yourself that, do it.

It’s okay to be unsure about something.

It’s okay to be shaky.

Or to be broken.

To be weak.

Because when you become honest with yourself about where you are, you can start moving forward. You can start finding freedom and confidence when you stop lying to yourself about where you might be and start accepting where you are.

So start being honest with yourself, wherever you need to be. Start being willing to face those questions.

Be willing to evaluate the possible answers. Examine them.

Set aside your fears, and look at the reality.

You might be surprised at the truth. You might be surprised at how much you love it. Or how much you hate it.

You might be surprised at how much it benefits you to just get honest with your life.

The fact is, you aren’t always going to find an answer to your questions, or get the answer you want.

And that’s okay.

Facing hard questions is part of being a human in this broken world. Whether you are a Christian or not, you face them. Maybe every now and then.

Maybe every day.

So face them honestly.

Deal with them as best you can.

And then keep walking on with the hope that, even while you don’t know the answer, you know where you are.

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