“Inspirational Art” is a weekly series featuring some of my favorite pieces from various artists. Enjoy them, learn from them, feel from them. If you would like to submit a piece for consideration, please use the form on the contact page and I will be happy to talk with you.

Girl With The Balloon, by Michaël Loos
Girl standing in water, holding a balloon at the bottom of an escalator

You can follow Michaël Loos on Twitter and on Behance.

Into the Stars, by Nicky Soh
Child looking out a window of his imagination

You can follow Nicky Soh on Twitter or on Instagram.

Flower in the Light, by Vigentle
White flower illuminated, surrounded by darkness

You can follow Vigentle on Twitter @K_Vigentle.

Photostudy 4, by Starieline
Photostudy of a young Asian woman

You can follow Starieline on Twitter or on Tumblr.

New Nature, by Mikko Raima
Deer looking over a cliff at a tree with small blooms on its branches

You can follow Mikko Raima on Instagram @pnkfdarts.

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