Hi everyone!

I haven’t written anything since March, and for that I’m very sorry.

Everything changed when the fire nation attacked when I officially graduated college in May.

What started as “Cool, I have more time now,” turned into “Hey, I don’t want to work in a restaurant forever and so I REALLY need to grow my business.”

Then I moved suddenly (not a bad thing at all), and that took extra time and energy out of my life.

So since May I’ve been moving, growing my digital marketing business, getting settled into the new place, and having no idea what to do with my personal website or attempts at building a composing business. In addition to that, I’ve hardly touched my Patreon.

So, for the lack of content, I apologize.

My lack of time and productivity here led me to start rethinking what kind of content I put out. The reality is, I can’t do everything I wanted to do with this site.

That’s both a disappointing realization and a freeing one.

I only have a little bit of time to dedicate to things here, which means I’m going to have to focus in on one or two very specific things. Otherwise, I’ll get overwhelmed, and nothing will get done (as the last few months have proven to me).

So, to help with my decisions, I ran a poll on Twitter the other day (and got a great response.)

The majority of you want me to create more blog posts, and the next highest vote was tools for creators.

So, from here forward, I’ll be refocusing the website to create helpful blog posts for creators, and if I have time, I’ll create tools as well (and guides on how to use them).

Now, what that means is that some things will have to fall to the wayside. I won’t be able to do interviews anymore (which I greatly enjoyed), and I won’t be putting as much time into music (professionally – but I’ll still work on personal projects in my own time and share them with you all).

I’ll also be reworking my Patreon and the rewards to better fit the new goals and content of the website (and if you were giving on Patreon previously, I’ve refunded you – because I wasn’t able to deliver any meaningful content over the summer, and that’s not worth supporting).

So, to sum up my goals, desires, and what that’s going to look like: I want to help creative people in any way that I can. I want to build people up, develop friendships, and create partnerships where possible – but at the foundation, I just want to help people.

And in order to do that, I’m going to focus in on an area where I can reliably and consistently create helpful content.

If you support me in this, then thank you. And if I’m dropping your favorite content, I’m sorry! But if I don’t make changes, nothing will happen here.

And our time is just not worth wasting.

So, when will all of this start?

Look for the release of my new website on August 31st, complete with the first blog post in a series about building your brand and developing a following online (which you can use to build your business as a creative person).

I’m starting something new.

Let’s start it together.

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